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The fans will get a kick out of putting the clues together. And they were night shoots, so everybody was extra-loopy. Parker actually met Peggy during Season 1, on “The Juror #6 Job.” I love that they brought her back because it’s nice to see that they’ve continued this friendship — though Peggy still doesn’t know what Parker does for a living.

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We decide that everybody needs night of fun – it’s been work, work, work – and Sophie (played by Gina Bellman) wants to meet up with Tara, go out, meet some men and have a good time.

Parker makes plans with her friend Peggy (The Groundlings’ Lisa Schurga) to have a drink, but Parker, never fully able to get out of work mode, smells something fish about Peggy’s date.

Season 5 opens with Nate having moved the team to Portland and setting up shop in a microbrewery (Bridgeport Brew Pub), but the season premiere ends with the revelation that Nate is working with Hardison on a secret project unknown to the others.

After a series of extremely intricate confidence tricks, the secret project is revealed and carried off, despite the recurrent Sterling.

Each con, either as originally planned or as complications develop, typically requires the specialized skills of all the members of the group.

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