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An 8 ohm Electrovoice EVM-12L 12" guitar speaker mounted in a Valand-Stange cabinet was connected.For a period feel, a mid-sixties Guild Capri was hooked up to the brilliant channel. It is likely that this AC50 and my AC30 were shipped and sold at the same time, from the same shop to the same band. Leif Hausken on bass was a cousin probably once removed. AC50 and VOX cabinet showing in old photos at This VOX AC50 started its career with an ambitious local pop band.Additionally, Vox would soon learn that the total output level of the AC-30 amplifiers used by the Beatles would be insufficient to cut through the sound of the screaming fans trying to hear the band. Lead Vox engineer Dick Denney recalls on page 47 of his book, "The Vox Story," that Triumph Electronics, an AC-30 chassis subcontractor for Vox, developed a 50 watt power amplifier circuit powered by two EL34 power tubes that might be suited for use in a new Vox amplifier.

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Leaving out the effects circuitry might actually lead to a cost savings in production over the more complicated AC-15 and AC-30 models.

A higher power rating on the new amps could even justify a higher retail price.

Vox started to investigate the development of high powered amplifier circuits.

JMI had no model in the 80 watt power range of the Fender Showman, an amp that was 50 watts more powerful than anything offered by Vox.

Neither the expansive Vib/Trem circuitry of the AC-15 and AC-30 or the troublesome phono cartridge reverb effect would be included in these new amps.

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