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It has silenced the idea that men as men — by virtue of their created, God-given maleness, apart from any practical competencies that they have or don’t have — men have special responsibilities to care for and protect and honor women. …”We have put our hope in the myth that the summons to generic human virtue, with no attention to the peculiar virtues required of manhood and womanhood, would be sufficient to create a beautiful society of mutual respect.

This call is different from the care and protection and honor that women owe men. It isn’t working.” He believes that 50 years of egalitarianism is the direct cause of all of these sex abuse allegations. There is no question in the minds of anyone that Josh was raised in a home which scoffed at egalitarian values and taught complementarian roles for the boys and girls. In other words, teaching Jimmy to open the door for a woman is not going to cure what is wrong inside Jimmy’s head. Sadly, churches tend to cover for molesters who then do not get the psychiatric help that they desperately need.

Working through the filled me with gratitude to God for John Piper.

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