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Those 20-somethings with their perfect bodies, looking at yours with pity, will someday have their own cellulite to contend with.

You learn to fuel your life from your inner wisdom, from your soul. You might participate in a current trend, but what's true must be from what's in you.

After decades of experimenting, you learn what feels comfortable, what looks dazzling.

Our dames have tons of passionate ideas to surprise you in the mature porn galleries.

"A seasoned woman is spicy," writes Gail Sheehy, the over-50-and-proud author of Passages and founder of the Seasoned Women's Network online. To find out, we asked Web MD readers, as well as a doctor (Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom); a clinical psychologist (Nancy O'Reilly, Psy D); and a retirement lifestyle specialist (Cynthia Barnett, Ed D).

I am now wearing hip-hugging jeans, leather -- everything.

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