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Sun today to learn more and get off your first order! ・・・ Follow us on social: https:// Kar-Jenners are still pitching that everything is fine with Kanye.. The guys attend the Timberlake show and share their thoughts. And, our pop stars need more security and we will explain why. ・・・ Follow us on social: https:// highlights and lowlights from everything Coachella. Are Nicki Minaj's tears for Cardi fueled by jealousy? You'll get your first 30-day supply for just .95, PLUS free shipping! Sun today to learn more and get off your first order! ・・・ Follow us on social: https:// guys hit Vegas together for Perez's 40th. and enter promo code PEREZ to get three items FREE off your first box! Perez hates watching Big Brother and gives his two cents. Is Justin Timberlake deserving of all of this halftime flack? Is the new Beyoncé a bust or is she the greatest of all time?

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Tearing down the Rob and Blac Chyna meltdown, and just what does the rest of the Klan think about this? The guys LOVE the new unreleased Shania album but her team doesn't like all of Perez's comments about it. Bella Thorne, Ariel Winter and The Kardashians are all​ here because we're serving drinks and they're all super thirsty. Tragedy has struck and the guys try to make sense of it all. Tons of new music has littered the world and the guys judge the good and the really bad. Would an American Idol return be a good thing and just who are the rumored judges?

Fifth Harmony and Demi fans are both pissed.​ And, are today's ladies wearing enough clothes? A professional troll has apologized to Perez but does he accept the apology. A thirst update from the Kardashians.​ And, would you really want Oprah at your wedding? The Calvin Harris apology tour marches on.​Perez has managed to tick off an entire country, we'll tell you why. is a thing people..​Perez is having problems sleeping with his mother..(yeah, you read that right) Also, his team hates our idea for marketing this show. And there is just one thing that bothers us about DJ Khaled..​If it could go wrong, it has, but we've made it to show 100 and it's the worst party ever! Was Steve Harvey entirely in the wrong with his stern demands for his staff?

Occasionally, the cross-generational conversations about these personal frustrations touch on heavier things happening outside the walls of where these fast friends are staying.

But when Lee and her team really zero in on what makes these people special, it makes for a truly fulfilling listen.

Should Taylor fans be worried that her new album and direction may bomb? And, Kylie is still preggers.​If you thought the country was divided, wait until you hear Perez vs. Rita Ora isn't Bey's "Becky with the good hair." And Perez finally admits that he's completely bored of anything Kardashian. Perez went to Disney and Chris Brown wants your sympathy. He also has some strong opinions about the American Idol runner up and her comments about "gay lifestyle." The guys also learn that Kylie Jenner made wigs a thing. The guys dissect Perez's birthday party and Booker chastises him for his lack of game.

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