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You will not touch me other than to dry me, and I know how hard that is going to be for you. Pick me up, my servant and pet, and carry me to the bed made of blankets and furs beneath the sky.

Carry me as if I was the most precious of things, for surely I am.

Your hand slides around to my waist, and you fill me with desire.

Over the years I have managed to go for a long time with no increases.

As the price for me goes up, I can no longer cover the expenses without a price hike.

Again beginning from my feet, slow, carefully, with just the right amount of pressure as I have taught you.

Slowly moving up my legs, but you dare not touch my most sacred of places.

I know it’s hard, my pet, touching me in such an intimate way, and knowing that you will not be gaining your release tonight. Oh no, your worship is an offering to your Goddess of Nature. I am your Queen, and you my naked Warrior, my devoted Servant. The Sassy One, Hannah 866-930-0008 X307 Twitter & Tumblr Tasty Bits Here This Memorial Day weekend and I sowant to say Thank you to all who have served and are serving.

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