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(All numeraries typically live in the Center of Studies for two years for intense study of the "spirit of Opus Dei." There are separate Centers of Studies for numerary men.)Tammy Di Nicola, former numerary, recalls that even though she really could have used it, she never purchased coffee at the office for $0.25 because she would have had to report it to her Director every month.

One former male numerary who has recently left reports that numeraries are now allowed to have credit cards; however, they are supposed to take them from the safe each time they need them and make an accounting after using them.

Since Directors read all of the numeraries’ mail, they may discard pieces of mail that they deem inappropriate, yet rightfully belong to the recipient.

Critical information that members hear about is typically ridiculed and over-simplified; often the credibility of the source or author of the information is attacked rather than the information itself (which is often truthful.)Opus Dei calls it Fraternal Correction.

Instead of vacations, numeraries attend an annual “summer course,” when they attend more indoctrination classes, but may have a little more time for afternoon “excursions,” which could also be some sort of a pilgrimage to a holy shrine.

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