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Since these gatherings are normally meant for couples only, (and as he has been attending them as a ‘Single Male,’) he has had to worm his way onto the group’s invitation list by offering to ‘serve’ the guests. as long as he would accept to play any role that they chose for him on each event occasion. I have uncovered the fact that he has been present at some of these functions as a butler, a waiter, a barman, and as ‘Master of Ceremonies’…

Enter "south america" and "chess" and you'll get back words like "checkuador". It uses the Datamuse API to find related words, and then finds combinations of these words that pair well together phonetically.

Note: The algorithm tries reconstruct a spelling for the new word after generating its pronunciation, and sometimes this spelling isn't quite right.

and has also adopted the roles of a barmaid, a chambermaid, and a French maid…

as a sexy schoolgirl, a female ‘nurse,’ a French tart… Having discovered my partner’s dirty little secret, I have delved into areas of his life that I would previously have considered to be private, personal and confidential… The discovery of his private diary was a revelation.

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